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  • Block Paving
    Recessed Inspection Covers for Paving Applications Such as Driveways and Patios
    Perfect for block or slab fill, this type of cover is suitable for driveways and outdoor areas.
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  • Cast & Ductile Iron
    Complete Range of Cast and Ductile Iron Gully Gratings and Manhole Covers
    Full range of mesh & slot gully gratings, plus flush ductile iron covers, all from stock. Capability to meet Highways Agency design requirements and bespoke badging for utilities available too.
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  • Bespoke Options
    Whatever Your Requirements, We Can Cater to Them.
    This is a 2m x 2m custom fabricated GrassTop cover. We can manufacture covers according to your specification if you contact us.
  • Sealed & Locking
    Ideal for Internal or Pedestrian Applications
    Designed for internal or outdoor pedestrian applications, our sealed and locking range prevent odours. Also commonly used in wet pour playground environments.
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  • GrassTops
    Perfect for Gardens and Landscaped Areas
    A manhole cover doesn't have to be an eyesore, with our grass top covers your lawn will look untouched. These covers come with pre-drilled holes and a layer of geotextile membrane that allows water to drain away while soil is retained.
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  • Ecogrid Gravel Covers
    Drain Covers Filled with EcoGrid for Quality Gravel Finishes
    The EcoGrid in this cover allows you to park light vehicles atop your gravel filled cover while preventing the gravel from being unevenly distributed.
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  • Aquaknight
    Unique Water and Odour Tight Manhole Covers
    These covers are perfect for use where running water is an expected problem. These covers are water and gas tight up to a pressure of 1 bar. Stainless steel versions can be provided on request for use in commercial kitchens or chlorinated environments.
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  • Solid Top Flush Covers
    The Heavyweight Cover
    Off the shelf we offer these covers with a higher loading capacity than any of our other covers. With a maximum load bearing capacity of 44 tonnes for some of the covers in the range they are capable of supporting heavy vehicle traffic and even fork lifts.
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