Bespoke Manhole Cover

A bespoke manhole cover is a made-to-measure service where you 
provide a specific size of a manhole cover or lid and we will provide the 
custom solution for you.

What We Can Do

It is reasonably common where bespoke services are needed because
the pre-made-off-the-shelf manhole covers are unable to meet
customers' needs.

         Unusual Size                      Extra Large Cover                   Lid Replacement                                                                                           

Unusual Size

All of our off-the-shelf manhole covers are manufactured in certain
industry-standard sizes such as 300mm x 300mm or 600mm x 450mm.
The cover you choose should have an opening size the same as, or bigger, 
than the hole in the ground to be effective.

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Extra Large Cover

The biggest single tray manhole cover we sell is 1000mm x 1000mm by
aluminium. Galvanised steel will mostly be 900mm x 900mm. Any sizes
above 1000mm x 1000mm will be too heavy to lift as a single tray, so we
will separate the tray into a multi-part to make it safe to lift. Hence, any 
manhole covers with the size of 1000mm x 1000mm (except aluminium) or 
above will be bespoke manhole covers

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Replacement Cover

A replacement cover will usually be made of galvanised steel and recessed
for infill or comprise a durbar patterned lid with lifting holes. Depth will be 
adjusted via welded upstands.

There is some guidance for a replacement cover measurement

In measuring the length and width it is best to measure the internal
frame to frame and we can deduct 3mm to give clearance.

Corner - if the cover has a radius instead of a square corner, make sure you
know how much the radius is. (See diagram below)

Depth Work out where the upstand will sit at the bottom of the frame.
(Total depth from base to ground height)

Upstand distance if the upstand is not near the edge, make sure you find
out the upstand distance from the edge.

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Case Studies

Replacement Cover for Septic Tank

Replacing a broken concrete cover with a galvanised steel version for a septic tank. The freedom of a bespoke cover is that it is a custom size for your project, hence it doesnt have to be an expensive replacement unit from  the manufacturer.

Manhole Cover

Uncommon Size Manhole Cover

Custom-made block paving and flagging manhole cover installed with the red brick ground. It can be lifted with medium-duty plastic or ductile iron Lifting keys.

Uncommon Sized Manhole Cover