Project: Aluminium Recessed Manhole Cover Grey Slab Floor

Project: Aluminium Recessed Manhole Cover Grey Slab Floor

Manhole covers are turning into part of house decoration.

Manhole covers used to be made from slabs of stones or pieces of wood since Roman times. The purpose is pretty much the same, covering the hole and allowing access to sewages when needed; some were temporary water storage to collect excess water.

Until the 19th Century, the concept of modern manhole cover started to take place, manufacturers started to use materials like cast iron for manhole cover production. Some of them even have a weight close to 300lbs, feels heavy even thinking about it.

In the world of "Time is Money", heavy manhole covers are not the only options anymore. Manufacturers have been utilising more variety of materials and techniques to make manhole covers lighter.


Project Description

Our Aluminium Recessed Manhole Cover range is the new favourite decorative cover for our customer, and our recent customer, Hardy Paving Ltd has purchased the Triple-Sealed TSL-Pro-Line from this range to go with the installed grey paving slabs.

The thin silver profile gives it an aesthetically appealing look and blends very well on the floor.

But why Triple-Sealed?

This is because this project is an interior job, Triple-Sealed Recessed Manhole Covers have two base-sealed layers and a "T-rubber" side sealed to make it odour and waterproof!

The elastic built-in "T-rubber" also act as a buffer to reduce tension and dirt between the recessed cover and frame.


Other features include:

  • Reinforcement mesh in the cover
  • Four dust plastic caps
  • Inclusive aluminium lifting keys


Buy now. Give aluminium recessed manhole cover a chance!



We are pleased to hear that Hardy Paving Ltd is a happy bunny with this project.

"We love the new covers you kindly supplied and hopefully, the clients appreciate them too."

By Hardy Paving Ltd

Recessed Manhole Covers as a business is committed to giving customers an excellent purchase experience. Other than providing premium and long-lasting products to our customers, we are also aware of the importance of customer services.

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An element of making a manhole cover to be decorative is how easy it can be paired up with other products in the same space.

For this project, our client has installed a silver anodized aluminium grating threshold drain next to the aluminium recessed manhole cover for drainage. Although they are pretty close together, it doesn't feel crowded, instead, they complement each other. Like they are meant to be installed together.

Check out some Threshold Drain by Alusthetic.

Apart from silver, the Alusthetic threshold drain also have anodized aluminium in black grating and steel Corten.

All image credit: Hardy Paving Ltd