Replacing A Broken Manhole Lid

Replacing A Broken Manhole Lid

Our customer Peter contacted us, as he desperately needed a new lid for his concrete manhole cover.

He completed our Bespoke Manhole Cover Quotations form and uploaded a couple of photos, so we could see the problem. Peter calculated that the lid needed to be 783mm x 631mm x 68mm with 70mm radius corners and it had to be suitable for a light vehicle.


Image Credit: Peter C.

Looking at the photos Peter had uploaded, we noticed that the sides of the concrete cover where sloping and the tape measure had been placed at various points which didn’t give a true indication of the lid required. So, as part of the quote calculation, we moved the edges of the lid (we call this the upstand) in by 15mm (estimated) and incorporated that with the measurements Peter had given.

At the same time, we took one of the images supplied and edited it to show Peter the correct measurements required. The image showed how to measure the top edges of the frame (red lines) and the bottom edges of the frame (blue lines). We explained that the blue lines would give an indication of where the upstand should go. We also explained that we would need to deduct 3mm from his measurements to allow for any uneven edges of the concrete.

An Image and Quotation was sent to Peter with a lead time of 7 working days from drawing approval.

Image Credit: Peter C.

Peter remeasured the manhole cover and offered his revised sizes, he said the surface dimensions (red lines) were 799mm x 647mm, and the internal (blue lines) were 784mm x 632mm, he also said he’d decided to remeasure the radius corners too and decided that 80mm was probably a better figure.

We decided to send an example of how to measure radius corners, just to make sure the angle was spot on.

Peter came back and said he was ok with the 80mm radius, so a revised quotation was sent.

He was happy with his quotation, payment was made, and a drawing was requested from the factory, for his approval.

The drawing was created and sent to Peter and after his consideration the drawing was approved, we contacted the factory and gave them the ok to proceed with production.

7 days later, Peter received his new lid and he emailed, saying the cover had arrived that morning and, in his words, ‘it fits like a glove’.

To show how good the cover looked, he kindly sent a photo, and the result looks fantastic………. 

Image Credit: Peter C.