Resin Bound Stone Recessed Trays

Resin Bound Stone Recessed Trays

Resin Bound Stone Recessed Trays

Resin Bound Stone Recessed Manhole Covers are a new product being launched by EcoGrid Ltd. Creating such a highly aesthetically pleasing area using resin bound stone, just to have it ruined by a manhole cover, is a recurring problem for many people. However, with our new resin stone trays this won't be an issue any more.

What exactly are Recessed Resin Bound Stone Trays?

The basis of this innovative product is a basic recessed manhole cover, typically for driveway and patio use. The 10 tonne load bearing capacity of these recessed covers allows domestic vehicles, vans and small trucks to travel over these, making them ideal for all non-commercial applications.

Through Recessed Manhole Covers, part of the Ecogrid Group, we offer a wide variety of manhole covers. The block paving range used for Recessed Resin Bound Stone Trays are available in a full range of sizes and depths. There are manhole covers made completely from galvanised steel, or options for a polypropylene plastic frame. All of these are carried in stock.

Furthermore, we can offer bespoke manhole covers made to meet any specification.

Recessed Resin Bound Stone Trays are filled with our EcoGrid, the European leader in plastic porous paving. These are similar, but not identical, to our GravelTop manhole covers. By adding a layer of gravel on top of the Ecogrid, and then topping off with your Resin Bound Stone, you create an attractive surface which solves the problem of having manhole covers ruining your new resin surface.

Resin Bound Stone

At Ecogrid Ltd we offer a wide range of decorative gravels. We also offer Ecogrid EcoBound, our fantastic Resin Bound Kits which are new to the market and rapidly growing in popularity.

Specialist Manhole Covers

As well as Recessed Resin Bound Stone Trays, we offer a wide range of bespoke manhole covers unique to Ecogrid Ltd. A well as the aforementioned Ecogrid GravelTops, we also offer GrassTops and Border & Plant Manhole Covers. On top of this we can offer specialist sizes, decorative edges, heavy duty loadings, locking and much more.