Sealed & Locking Recessed Cover Flag And Pebble Pathway

Sealed & Locking Recessed Cover Flag And Pebble Pathway

If you googled “How to hide the manhole cover on a patio?”, you have come to the right place.

Manhole covers used to have an unpleasant appearance in the scenery. As time goes by, manhole covers have evolved to be more modern and versatile. Instead of hiding them away, they could potentially be part of the decoration.

Recessed manhole covers are one of the popular choices due to their flexibility of having matching surfacing with the surroundings. The installation process might be more complex if you need to match a patterned surface, but it is definitely worth it.


Project Description

In this project, Croft Civil Engineering has used our sealed and locking recessed manhole cover and filled it with the same flag paving that was used to form the pathway. They successfully merged the manhole cover within the environment, so it didn’t look out of place.

This sealed and locking recessed manhole cover is made from galvanised steel and has a 5-tonne gross plated weight load-bearing capacity, which makes it suitable for the pedestrian area. The sealed and locking refer to a double neoprene sealing gasket to prevent odour from escaping, and locking with four stainless steel screws to secure it.

If you are considering getting this galvanised steel sealed and locking recessed manhole cover, don’t forget to add the COM02285 lifting keys to your basket.


Decorative Recessed Manhole Covers Selection

Every project is unique and has its own puzzle to solve. The material you want to use might not be installable into the sealed and locking recessed manhole cover. Don’t worry! We have a range of recessed manhole covers that would cover most requests.

Aluminium Recessed Manhole Cover

is very decorative and has an aesthetically pleasing appearance that would look lovely for interior and exterior uses.

Double-sealed version is best for outdoor applications, whereas the Triple-sealed version can be for indoor and outdoor applications.


Block Paving Recessed Manhole Cover

is suitable for domestic driveways or lightly trafficked areas. This cover has a 100mm deep option to cater for the thickness of block paving materials.

Stainless Steel Recessed Manhole Cover

is suitable for pedestrian uses with access over tanks or foul water. Its feature includes double-sealed with screed grip mesh and four lockdown points, not to mention its high-quality finish!


Water-Tight Recessed Manhole Cover

has a polyethylene seal with four locking points, making it suitable for water-tight up to 1-metre head and odour-tight. You can use it for areas like kitchens, basements and bathrooms. For swimming pools or areas with chlorinated water, please ensure you enquire about the stainless steel version to avoid rust.

GrassTop/GravelTop Recessed Manhole Cover

has pre-drill holes and membranes to allow real grass to be installed and grow healthily within the cover. EcoGrid paving is also included for support and to help keep gravel infills stay in place.