The Garden Manhole Cover Solution

The Garden Manhole Cover Solution

GrassTop Recessed Manhole Covers

GrassTop and EcoGrid Manhole Covers are unique to EcoGrid Ltd and its sister companies, Recessed Manhole Covers and Geotextile Membranes. The problem of solid top or recessed drain covers ruining lawns and gardens has been apparent for decades, but in recent years EcoGrid have developed a solution.

Unlike regular recessed covers, GrassTops incorporate pre-drilled drainage holes which allow rainwater to drain through naturally. Combined with a double layer of specialist geotextile membranes, this water is filtered and grass will grow inside the tray. Ultimately this results in an aesthetically pleasing solution for client and contractor. The covers can also be filled with other materials such as rubber crumb, artificial turf, decorative gravels or any porous surfacing product.

Although bespoke, these products will typically be on site within three working days. A total of thirteen different variations are available as standard, whilst special sizes can be manufactured on demand.

  • pre-drilled drainage holes
  • factory fitted specialist geotextile membranes
  • integral lifting keys for covers up to 750 x 600mm
  • up to 10 tonnes loading capacity
  • up to 600 x 600mm; polypropylene frame w/ galvanised steel tray
  • 750 x 600mm & larger; fully galvanised mild steel

EcoGrid Recessed Manhole Covers

Developed on the basis of the GrassTop, EcoGrid manhole covers are ideal for gravel driveways and paths, as well as grassed parking areas. Generally, gravel in normal recessed trays will move and spread under foot or tyre. However, compacted into the EcoGrid this no longer becomes an issue. They also provide extra durability thanks to the high 350 tonne load bearing capacity of EcoGrid E50. The grid comes factory cut and fitted in the specified cover, ready for instant installation.

We also manufacture manhole covers to meet your requirements, as shown above with a 2 metre x 2 metre multi-part recessed cover.

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