Where Are My Lifting Keys?

Where Are My Lifting Keys?

You are very excited to install the new manhole cover. Only after the installation, you realised the lifting keys are nowhere to be seen.

What a frustrating situation. Before you prepare for a fight, take a minute to check a few things. Maybe, just maybe, the lifting keys are just playing hide and seek!

Lifting keys are small objects, so we would secure them inside the package by taping them at the side. Please double-check the package before throwing it away.

The process of unboxing the product might make the area messy, the lifting keys might be covered by all the wrappings.

Just in case, check under your sofa too! (You never know.)

If you still didn’t manage to find the lifting keys, it might mean that the type of manhole cover you purchased doesn’t include lifting keys. Only the Aluminium Recessed Manhole Cover range and the Water and Odour Tight Recessed Manhole Cover range have inclusive lifting keys.

For other manhole cover ranges, please make sure you add lifting keys in your basket for them to be shipped at the same time as your manhole cover.

Note: Unfortunately, this is not one key fit all, so please make sure you select the right lifting keys for your manhole cover. Each manhole cover page will mention which lifting keys are compatible with that cover in the “Details” section.


New lifting keys

On the other hand, if your manhole cover is meant to have inclusive lifting keys yet you do not have one, please contact us at sales@recessedmanholecovers.co.uk and we could resend the lifting keys to you.


Manhole Covers With Integrated Lifting Keys

To be completely free from the key loss trouble, choose from our manhole covers that have lifting keys integrated. The lifting keys are normally compacted, so the surface can remain flat. Only when you need to lift the manhole cover, then you expand the keys by pulling them out into a straight-up position.

Please be aware that all integrated lifting keys are made from plastic. Although they are capable to hold the weight of the manhole cover, we still recommended you use them with care.

The integrated lifting keys are available in our Sealed & Locking Cover range, Block Paving Cover range, GrassTop Cover range, and EcoGrid Grass&Gravel Cover range.