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Gabion Baskets

As you can see below, our typical gabion baskets are 0.55 x 0.55 x 0.55m with a 3mm thick wire and 76.2 x 76.2mm apertures. These are ideal for domestic and commercial projects. We also offer a bespoke fabrication service per client specification. Ensuring the highest quality available, all our gabian baskets are galfan coated. This guarantees a 60 year lifespan, four times longer than regular galvanised steel when installed correctly.

Of course, different wire thicknesses, basket sizes and mesh sizes are available. Please contact us to discuss.

Catering for all requirements and situations, we also offer the following:

  • PVC coating
  • helicoil springs
  • hand partitions
PVC coating adds an extra layer of protection for coastal areas subject to corrosive salt winds.
Helicoil spings are 1m long x 25mm diameter, although can be cut in half. They replace the lacing wire included with our gabions, allowing the user to connect four panels quickly and speed up the installation process. Helicoils are more visible than lacing wire but this is often found to be aesthetically pleasing.
Hand partitions are essentially an extra panel of mesh wire within the basket, allowing different materials to be installed separately. To save on cost, expensive decorative stone can be used in the front section of the gabion whilst standard fill material can be put into the main area behind the partition. This ensures an appealing outward appearance whilst saving on product expenditure. Do note that the front section must be filled first.
For 130 years gabion baskets have been a fundamental part of combating coastal erosion, so much so that there is no reasonable doubt as to the longevity and reliability of these wire mesh structures. Over time the amount of plausible applications has gradually expanded from simple garden displays and steps to retaining walls the width of massive shorelines, designed to aid with hydrualic and river control.