Our network

Listed below are the other websites and point of sales within our on-line network. Some of then contain additional product specific information and some contain products that can only be purchased from those sites (notably RainCatcher has a large range of rainwater harvesting tanks and accessories).


RainCatcher is our sister company selling rainwater harvesting tanks, pumps, filters and accessories. For the best in water recycling then look no further.


Speidel.co.uk is our informative website for Speidel rainwater harvesting tanks of which RainCatcher is the UK's exclusive supplier. For a chance to learn more about and potentially become a distributor of these incredibly high quality tanks then visit here.



Our Ebay store sells most of our usual products with the occasional discounted listing or two!


This is our Amazon store front so if you are a regular amazon user it is even easier to stock up on grids.